When To Take The Exams

The Uniform CPA Examination is typically offered 5 days a week, and sometimes 6 days a week, during two months of every quarter. The months during which the Examination is offered, known as “testing windows,” are January and February; April and May; July and August; and October and November.

In general, the different state Boards of Accountancy do not require candidates to take all four sections of the examination in one testing window, and do not require candidates to take the different sections in any particular order. You cannot take the same section twice in one testing window. Be sure to contact your Board of Accountancy for their specific rules.

Once a candidate has passed one section of the Examination, the candidate typically has 18 months to pass the other three sections. Again, refer to the rules of your Board of Accountancy for more specific information. After you have passed all sections of the exam, start looking for the perfect accounting job.