CPA Test Day Experiences

You should arrive to the testing center at least 30 minutes before your Uniform CPA Exam is scheduled to begin. Be certain to bring proper identification that contains both a photo and a signature in order to gain admission to the testing facility.

You will be required to complete a sign-in process and survey before you take the Examination. You will be given 30 minutes to complete the sign-in and survey, and this time is independent of the Examination time. You will not be given extra time on the Examination if you complete these in less than 30 minutes.

In general, you are only allowed to bring your identification into the testing center. Therefore, you are encouraged to leave personal items at home. Some testing locations may have small lockers for you to use, while others may not. Contact your testing location in advance for more information.

Once in the testing room, you will be assigned to a predetermined Prometric computer that you will use to complete the test. There may be as many as 16 workstations, and the number of candidates in the room with you can vary. Your testing center strives to maintain a quiet testing environment and may offer noise-reducing headphones if needed.

Food and drink are not allowed in the testing room. You will be allowed to leave the testing room to get a drink or to take medications, but the testing time will continue while you are away from the room.

If you require special equipment, arrange this in advance with your testing location.

Special Testing Rules
Acceptable Identification at the Testing Center